Hands Free Door Kicker / Opener
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                          Light Bars                                                  Intercooler                        In Dash or Rooftop Air Conditioning        460, 463 GWagen Bolt on Portal Axle                                  


       Hands Free Door Kicker                                  Wheel Adapters                                           SBU  Tree Cage                                    LMTV / FMTV Tree Cage

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Couch Off-Road Engineering is first and foremost about excellence in Unimog and 4WD vehicle service and customization. Only the highest quality designs meet our standards, and we always deliver a durable off-road vehicle for our client's particular needs. Our commitment to perfection and many years of experience across the globe have made C.O.R.E. the number one authority in Unimog vehicles.

Our off-road vehicle custom fabrication runs the gamut from recreational 4WD rigs to heavy-duty expedition designs for getting to the farthest reaches on the planet. We've built workhorses for construction, mining, and oil fields and emergency vehicles suitable for rescues in the worst of emergencies. C.O.R.E.'s heavy specialization in Mercedes Benz Unimogs employs extensive knowledge to outfit vehicles for agricultural and forestry use. Every vehicle can be designed to adapt to multi-use demands and give our clients a variety of solutions appropriate in the harshest of conditions.

With our off-road equipment upgrades and services, maintenance and safety work guarantees your vehicle will run smoothly with a reduced chance of failure out in the field or onsite. Heavy rebuilds can breathe new life into a vehicle that's seen its fair share of wear and tear. Unimogs can be outfitted with implements ranging from bucket loaders to hydraulic dump beds. We'll show you the wide array of options available for your vehicle and install it with expert precision.

Technical consultations help you get the most out of your Unimog. We can help you develop a proper maintenance program, offer equipment and accessory training, and show you how to maximize efficiency on the job. Over 22 years of hands-on experience informs our advice and planning that peers in our industry have been seeking out time and again. C.O.R.E. is the ultimate source for the ins and outs of Unimog custom design and operation.

Contact Couch Off-Road Engineering today for any of your off-road service, repair, modification, or complete custom design projects and questions.